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What does San Trading do for you?

For imports San Trading is the best solution between you (importer) and the supplier. We deal with your vendor and make sure your specified products are arrived safely and undamaged. We examine your documentation and complete any missing information either through you or your vendor. We classify your products according to the San Trading system and identify ways to minimize duty or other import costs. We work with the transportation carrier to co-ordinate timely release from customs, solve problems and ensure delivery.

We have access to full transportation services for your shipments. Arrangements can be made for your goods whether they are moved by land, air or sea. If we need someone to present documents or deal with problems we have agents in all locations. We can assist with the required documentation, file your import entry and arrange the shipping of your imports.

You can import almost anything into Sri Lanka with the exception of certain products, which are prohibited by legislation or other trade rules. (Please contact us regarding the specific regulations for your products.)

Looking for a product to buy?

If you are finding it difficult to look for a buyer or trying import something you want but you exactly don’t know where to buy, we will take the responsibility to find the exact product based on your product description and import without any hassle for you. We have the tools to locate the product you want to import. We have hundreds of customers who are happy with our services and we look forward to make you one of our proud customers.

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